100 Years Ago With Charlie Miller

Oct. 23, 1914Madison County Democrat — Mrs. Mary Matheney and Victor Timmons were married, Wednesday evening, at the home of the bride by Rev. Woodrow. They have the best wishes of their many friends.— Miss Lucille Pence, (Mrs. Charles Miller) of Granville, was home on Saturday and Sunday, the guest of her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. W. H. Pence.— Bruce Lewis was elected secretary and treasurer of ...

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OUR VIEW: Make your voice heard

Pumpkins and falling leaves are giving way to pink ribbons. And purple ones. And blue ones.National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month and National Bullying Prevention Month all share the 31 days of October.There’s one other observance on the crowded calendar: Free Speech Week, which started Monday and continues through Sunday. During the same time frame, Madison County residents have the opportunity to cast their ballots early....

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Election letter writing tips

Throughout the years, the exchange of ideas through letters to the editor has been the lifeblood of a newspaper’s editorial page.It is important to allow local residents the opportunity to express their opinions about issues and candidates, whether they are contrary to our beliefs or not. This is true especially during election season when some letters are bound to prompt responses and spawn a public debate.There’s an art to composing a well-written election ...

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Letter: Cemetery levy funds are sorely needed

Dear Editor,I wish to clarify and add to the information presented to the Village of Mount Sterling council on Oct. 13, 2014 and subsequently reported in both the Press and Tribune.The Pleasant Darby Union Cemetery has a 1.0 mil levy on the November ballot. If it is passed, the current 0.5 mil will expire.This levy is needed for operation and maintenance of the cemetery and equipment. Two of the mulching mowers need replaced ...

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When I look at things

When looking at things, I try to really see them for what they are, what they were and what they might turn into. Sometimes you have to wait on something before you can use it or maybe understand it.

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Letter: Say ‘thank you’ to the Keepers of The Valley

Dear Editor,The Keepers, Pleasant Valley Fire, Station 261, Plain City Fire Rescue, FDPC — no matter what you call them, it all adds up to a team of firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs that are always there when we need them.When we call, they come. They work 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year in all kinds of weather, holidays included.

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That ‘early voting” brouhaha’

It seems to me that since the U S Supreme Court has agreed with the manner in which Ohio has chosen to define the length of time that Ohio voters may cast “early voting” ballots, a kinda quick overview of the situation is appropriate. Just in case you might have missed this particular brouhaha (that means a noisy ruckus), Ohio changed the number of days “early voting” is permitted from 35 days to 28.This change was challenged by the ACLU as being discriminat...

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Enforcing trade laws to support businesses

When I travel across Ohio, I hear from business owners who have successfully expanded their companies, created jobs, and sold their products in foreign markets. In 2013, Ohio exports totaled a record-breaking $50.8 billion. To quantify that, every $1 billion in exports supports nearly 5,000 domestic jobs. And in Ohio, more than one quarter of our state’s manufacturing jobs rely on exports.

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Gloria adores her mom

Hello to one and all!This week I would like to introduce you to someone who means a lot to me, someone who has played one of the most important roles in my life (that is besides my husband). I have many friends who are very near and dear to me, but this particular person has probably done more for me than anyone else ever has. You guessed it! It’s my dear mother (Dorcas Raber). Little did I know or was even able to fathom what my parents have done for me until I had a child o...

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A Las Vegas vacation in retrospect

Everyone should do something wild and goofy from time to time, if only to have something to talk about for the next five years. This is a philosophy with which my children are very familiar.My usual vacation preferences revolve around family and friends, quiet getaways and a chance to relax. Las Vegas isn’t a spot that ordinarily would pop to the top of my list. The opportunity for a week immersed in the Las Vegas culture presented itself when daughter Ingrid, son-in-law Gary...

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Safety is paramount for student athletes

Few things are as sacrosanct to so many people as high school football.That’s what makes the decision by a New Jersey school to shut down the season in response to allegations of sexual abuse all that more empowering.Nothing — or no one — should be above the safety of students. To condone the alleged actions of players through inaction would be a travesty. For others not to use this lesson to reflect on their own teams would be a lost opportunity....

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It’s hard being a gentleman in today’s world

The week was going quite well until I ran into Ms. PC.I do not make any apologies, but I am from the generation that believes in being a gentleman. It has been rough down through the years, but I have tried to maintain my gentleman’s status through life.I was about to enter a store and as I opened the door, I noticed a lady behind me. This is where my gentleman DNA kicks in. I opened the door, turned to the lady behind me, and said, “After you, Ms.” As ...

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God allows U-turns

I was driving the other day and missed my exit. Almost immediately, the road sign told me that the next exit was 15 miles ahead. Fifteen miles.

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Confessions of a reformed liberal

Yes, I drank the Kool-aid. For many years after my ordination, I embraced many of the tenets of religious liberalism. There is no one size fits all description of what religious liberalism is or how it translates as it crosses denominational lines. Briefly, the things I believed included: the ordination of women; the right to birth control; open communion for all; the morality of same sex relationships; criticism of the magisterium, in particular the bishops; individual interpretation of scri...

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A firefighter’s tribute

As a kid growing up in Philadelphia, I was told that October — all 31 days of it — was Fire Prevention Month, which, in my humble opinion, is fine, even though since 1922 attention has been focused on Fire Prevention Week, which took place this year Oct. 5-11.But let’s not overlook the folks who backstop fire prevention: the approximately 238 firefighters who man the seven fire departments in Madison County: London Fire Department (LFD); Central Townships Joint Fi...

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