UPCO caps off bright year

Mac Cordell Editor

December 10, 2013

It has been a bright year for the Uptown Plain City Organization (UPCO).

The group, which advertises itself as “an innovative group of volunteers who are focused on the growth and development of the Historic Uptown District” hosted its featured event — Christmas Under the Clock — Saturday, Dec. 7, in the village.

“Christmas Under the Clock went really well,” said UPCO president Julie Weaver. “I think everybody that came had a really good time.”

She said several new things, including having the streets closed for the event and hosting a craft show to help raise funds, went well. She said a lot of people still walked on the sidewalks, but added, “in future years, that will work out really well.”

Plain City police chief Jim Hill agrees, “There were some logistical issues we can fix next year, but it was good to get pedestrians not to worry about traffic.”

Weaver said cold weather and Ohio State playing in the Big 10 championship game held attendance down, but because of the efforts of vendors and businesses in the uptown, as well as the fund-raising auction, UPCO did not lose money on the endeavor.

“We came out pretty well this year,” said Weaver. “Our goal is not to lose money on it. If we make money on that, it is huge.”

Mayor Sandra Adkins noted that the organization has a future expense. “I think the sound system is doomed,” Adkins said during the Plain City village council meeting on Mon., Dec. 9. “They’re looking at buying a sound system.

“They always do a great job,” Adkins added.

Weaver said some events are about raising funds and some are about raising awareness of the businesses in the uptown. If an event does both, that is a win-win.

Weaver said this has been a good year for the volunteer group.

“This year was the first year we were able to put everything together for the businesses and the building owners to provide grants top focus on facade improvements,” said Weaver.

She added, “our plan is to continue that.”

Weaver said the group also offered grants for building owners to work on the sidewalks in the front of the businesses.

“No one took us up on that so we may focus on that more next year or the year after that,” said Weaver.

UPCO will hold its first meeting of the new year Jan. 16. Elections for officers and board members will be held at the meeting.

Those wanting to be part of the Uptown Plain City Organization are invited to contact Weaver at (614) 561-3322 or e-mail