Agencies seek help for housing for LMI families

By Dean Shipley

March 28, 2014

County commissioners held on Monday, March 24 a meeting with Whitaker Wright, senior planner for CDC of Ohio and parties interested in seeking information through the Housing Advisory Committee.

Representatives of Job and Family Services, Department of Family Council, Community Action, and A Friend’s House attended to learn if funding may be available to them for their particular projects. They target families in low to moderate income (LMI) range, who need assistance with housing.

Sherry Baldwin of Family Council said the agency works through Community Action in an effort to provide assistance with housing for their clients.

Lori Dodge Dorsey, director of Job and Family Services, said the agency also works through Community Action “because we no longer have PRC funding.” (Prevention, Retention and Contingency) from the Office of Family Stability, the temporary assistance for needy families (TANF).

“At one time we had more dollars available to us and were able to use them for rental and utility payment system,” Dodge-Dorsey said.

Chanda Wilson, representing Community Action, said there is a waiting list for affordable housing in Madison County for families of low to moderate income.

Wright presented Madison County and City of London distress data for 2014 CHIP. It included:

• Age of housing units as of 2012: those built before 1940 in Madison County, 3,088; city of London, 877; before 1980: Madison County, 9618; London, 2.

• Unemployment rate (2012): Madison County, 6.3 percent; London, 8.2 percent, statewide, 8.7 percent.

• LMI persons in Madison County: 15,365, 42.9 percent of LMI; London, 4,702; 55.3 percent.

• Percentage of persons below poverty 2008-2012 ACS five-year estimate: Madison County, 11.1 percent; London, 14.4 percent; state of Ohio, 15.4 percent. Wright said these percentages were not accurate because there is some variability by township and village.

Information above was provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, 2008-2012 American Community Survey five-year estimates.

Wright said $400,000 is available for the counties, $350,000 for cities.

“If they collaborate, they’re eligible for an additional $50,000,” Wright said.

Applications are due by June 2.

Dean Shipley can be reached at (740) 852-1616, ext. 17 or via Twitter @DeanAShipley.