14 charged in alleged hazing incident

By Lora Abernathy

May 29, 2014

Fourteen individuals will be charged as a result of an alleged hazing incident that occurred at a Wilmington College fraternity in October, according to the Wilmington Police Department.

The alleged incident occurred on Oct. 31 at 5:06 a.m. in the basement of the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity house, also known as the “Gobbler House,” located at 673 Fife Ave. in Wilmington, according to the WPD.

As previously reported, a WC sophomore was injured and taken to Clinton Memorial Hospital where he underwent surgery, and two other pledges being initiated into the fraternity received bruises, according to a police affidavit.

Duane Weyand, chief of police, said in November that “it’s serious enough of a case, someone has to get charged.”

“There were things going on in that basement that should have never been happening,” said Rick Moyer, Clinton County’s prosecuting attorney, in November.

The following individuals will be charged, according to the WPD:

• Tyler Baker, 22, of Primrose Lane, Middletown, one count of hazing

• Joey Brown, 21, of West Haskett Lane, Dayton, one count of hazing

• Andrew Fields, 21, of Yale Avenue, Terrace Park, one count of hazing

• John Finkbone, 36, of Shawhan Ayers Road, Clarksville, one count of hazing

• Maximilian Huprich, 21, of Kingfisher Court, Amelia, assault (a first-degree misdemeanor) and one count of hazing

• Austin Kleinhans, 22, of Foraker Avenue, Sidney, one count of hazing

• Austin Miller, 22, of Trudeau Drive, Forrest Hills, Md., one count of hazing

• Jared Miller, 21, of Dove Street, Marysville, one count of hazing

• Cody Sabins, 21, of May Street, Magnetic Springs, one count of hazing

• Thomas Schweitzer, 22, of Hannah Court, Wilmington, one count of hazing

• Sage Streber, 22, of Leslie Drive, Wilmington, one count of hazing

• Zachery Swensen, 20, of Springridge Court, Milford, one count of hazing

• Casey Thompson, 22, of Shawna Court, Liberty Township, Ohio, one count of hazing

• Cole Voltz, 20, of State Route 207, Mount Sterling, one count of hazing

Gamma Phi Gamma was placed on temporary suspension following the incident. Then the college ruled it would no longer recognize the fraternity. Later, Jim Reynolds, president of the college, changed it from a permanent ban to a ban lasting at least until the 2019-20 school year.

At that time, the fraternity can petition to have the organization returned to good standing, with no guarantee of approval.

All charged individuals will be arraigned in the Clinton County Municipal Court. All the hazing charges are misdemeanors of the fourth degree.