Martin: Water looking good

By Dean Shipley - [email protected]

Following the presentation by law enforcement regarding the arrest of the former village administrator Joe Johnson, Mount Sterling council conducted its regular business during Monday’s meeting.

Village administrator John Martin reported his staff members are taking samples from the wastewater treatment plant to determine if the bio-solids are Class B or Class A. If they are Class B, Martin said he has a person interested in taking them off the village’s hands at no additional cost.

Work on the new water plant is proceeding with the pouring of concrete for two tanks which will be used in the water treatment process. Heavy rain has necessitated a pump out of the cavity in which the tanks will be placed.

Despite the week delay, the plant remains on schedule for a completion date of June 23, 2017.

The current water plant components have been cleaned and are operating, said Martin. He said residents have told him water quality has visually improved.

Martin said 325 mechanical water meters are being replaced with radio-read meters, a project which is ongoing.

“We will install them as soon as they are delivered in a couple weeks,” Martin reported.

Faded street signs are being replaced. Also, mosquito traps have been set. Captured pests have been tested for Zika and West Nile virus.

“So far neither has been found,” Martin said.

Martin also reported he is working on a tool-trade deal with the Village of West Jefferson to borrow its mosquito spraying equipment, since Mount Sterling has neither the equipment nor the license to spray.

Council member Rebecca Burns reported the James Cotton Football Camp, held over the past weekend, saw 45 athletes from grade school through high school age take part, despite the oppressive heat.

She complemented the village crew for its manicure of the park.

Although the heat likely kept the number of participants down, she called the camp “a huge success.” It is being scheduled for next year.

The festival committee has received input to move the community festival closer to the Fourth of July. Burns invited residents to fill out a questionnaire. It can be picked up at the community center, 164 E. Main St. or filled out online at

By Dean Shipley

[email protected]

Dean Shipley can be reached at 740-852-1616, ext. 1617, on Facebook at Dean Shipley or via Twitter @DeanAShipley.

Dean Shipley can be reached at 740-852-1616, ext. 1617, on Facebook at Dean Shipley or via Twitter @DeanAShipley.

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