Jefferson Parish deputy shoots, kills robbery suspect

METAIRIE, La. (AP) — A man being pursued by a sheriff’s deputy in a New Orleans suburb was shot to death after pointing a gun at the deputy, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Wednesday.

The release from sheriff’s spokesman Col. John Fortunato said the shooting happened as deputies responded to calls late Tuesday night of suspicious activity on the Interstate 10 service road in Metairie, near a new car storage lot. The reports included one that said two people “appeared to be rolling shiny objects down the street,” the release said.

Deputies spotted a man running toward a garage in a nearby building. Deputy David Dalton pursued him.

“As Dalton pursued the suspect, he turned facing Dalton and pointed a handgun at him,” the release said. “Dalton drew his service weapon and fired six shots at him. The suspect collapsed and was pronounced dead on the scene.”

The release says the suspect, so far identified only as a black male, was armed with a 9 mm handgun. Dalton’s race was not immediately released.

Deputies searching the vehicle lot discovered a new pickup truck on blocks with two wheels missing.

Jefferson Sheriff Newell Normand scheduled a 3 p.m. Tuesday news conference to release more information about the shooting.

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