‘Jill not Hill’ _ Green Party’s Stein seeks Sanders’ backers

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Angry Bernie Sanders backers have a new rallying cry: “Jill not Hill.”

That’s Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Her liberal agenda of tuition-free college, $15-per-hour minimum wage and a renewable energy economy by 2030 offers a home to Sanders’ supporters unwilling to back Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Stein is a 66-year-old doctor and political activist from Massachusetts who like Clinton was raised in a Chicago suburb.

She is poised to become the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nominee early next month, a title she won in 2012.

Stein failed to crack even half a million votes then.

This year, detractors warn she could take enough votes from Clinton to deliver Republican nominee Donald Trump a victory in November.

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