He’s a skydiver working with a net _ but no parachute

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (AP) — Luke Aikins has made 18,000 parachute jumps, including several for the film “Ironman 3.” But the plunge this elite skydiver knows he’ll be remembered for is one he’s making Saturday without a parachute. Or a wingsuit.

With nothing other than the clothes on his back, he’ll jump out of an airplane at 25,000 feet over Simi Valley, California.

After two minutes of freefall, he plans to become the first skydiver to land safely in a net.

The Fox network will broadcast the attempt live at 8 p.m. EDT.

Aikins says he knows it sounds crazy, but after two years of training, he wants people to see that with hard work sometimes the impossible becomes possible.

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